Ch-ch-changes For CBXS One Year Anniversary!

Posted by Claire Brown on

Can  you believe that Claire Brown XStitch is 1 year old already?!

Wow, the last year has flown in (in some ways - obviously, in others, it has been a real drag!) and suddenly, CBXS is one year old! From accidentally buying too much fabric for one person to feasibly use, to buying acres of fabric each month to keep up with your insatiable demand, it's been a real rollercoaster!

For the next chapter, a few changes will be happening from today. I've listened to your feedback and requests for bigger sizes of aida as standard, so a new size and price structure is coming in to play from next week.


These changes not only give you more versatility in choice of size but I'm happy to say that this change also allows me to avoid raising the base price of all aida for the moment. In fact, it actually allows me to lower the price of some prints - everyone's a winner!

As you'll have gathered by now, my main concern is helping you make your cross stitch projects the best they can be, so I will hold the base price as it has been from the get go as long as I can!

The last of the smaller sizes are on my Etsy shop if you had your heart set on one of them but will likely sell out in the next week or so.

I'll also take this opportunity to thank you all so much for your support, purchases, regrams, etc in the past year. It's been a fun time and it's always all for you!