Sample Sale - 2nd May 2021

Posted by Claire Brown on


The Claire Brown XStitch sample sale is taking place this Sunday 2nd May at 7pm UK time. You'll find bargains galore only at for a super limited time.

So you can be prepared in advance, read below for the info about what is on offer:

These grab bags are perfect to boost your stash and stock up on some aida for your collection. Made up of roll ends, end-of-line and discontinued colours and prints, you can pick up a bargain with these grab bags.


You’ll be able to choose from 16ct, 18ct, 28ct and 32ct grab bags as well as some seconds grab bags and some all white and all cream stash packs.

Each slice has an approximately retail price of £7 so you'll be getting your goodies at over 50% off the usual price.

A link will appear at 7pm on the day on the homepage of the website for you to purchase.


Please read this info carefully before purchasing: 



  • Pieces measure approximately 10" x 18". Some pieces will be a little smaller and some a little bigger - it's your luck of the draw! To be clear - ALL SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE.


  • Prints and colours are largely end-of-line or discontinued prints that I do not usually carry. You cannot choose prints - they are randomly pre-packed in "blind bags" so I will not be able to allocate any specific prints or colours.


  • Grab bags will include 5 slices of randomly-selected fabric from a selection of prints and solid colours. If you buy 10 slices, you'll receive 2 x 5 slice bags so some duplication of prints and colours may occur.


  • Some pieces may have selvedges or care instructions along the edge. Some pieces may have roughly cut edges or loose threads. 


  • 28ct and 32ct evenweave grab bags are made up mostly of solid colours, including white and cream, on the more muted end of the scale. Some evenweave pieces will be smaller and so these packs contain six pieces of fabric each.


  • 16ct aida grab bags are made up of mostly solid colours, including lighter colours, pastels, white and cream. Each bag contains 5 pieces.


  • 18ct aida grab bags are more of a mix of solid colours and prints. Each bag contains 5 pieces.


  • Seconds grab bags are made up of imperfect aida in mostly light, neutral colours.


  • All sales are final and non-returnable.

Set your alarms for 7pm this Sunday - see you there!