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Welcome to the miso funky news-spreader Spring edition!its aim: to provide you with all our news, new crafty ideas and the world according to Hamish!

Hamish says ... Come to the fair! Spring has just about sprung, the daffodils are out and the bunnies are gambolling! (that's hopping around, rather than playing blackjack!)So what better time to be out and about perusing the latest in funky contemporary crafts than spring? Read on, my friends, for news of how you can be joining us at the hottest event this Spring! what are you all about ??? In case you missed us last time we are some dedicated gals who love to make things. Everything we make is completely original and has been made with love! Visit the site to find out more about us and our craft obsessions!any news ??? You may remember last time that we tantalised you with the news of our intended market in the West end of Glasgow ... well, dream no more, comrades! The time has come for your craft fair vision to be realised!

Pop along to the first Miso Funky Market on April 22nd at Hillhead Library, Byres Road, Glasgow!

The doors will be open from 11am til 4pm and there is also a record fair on in the other hall at the library, so bring your spouses, friends, family, neighbours and hell, even bring your enemies! It's free to get in, so no excuses not to come along and have a browse! There's also an orchid fair on at the Botanic Gardens on the day, so come along and make an outing of it! There are plans afoot to make the market a regular event, so if you or someone you know has a burning ambition to be an exhibitor at one of our markets, then drop us a line! To see some of this fair's exhibitors, click here!

The website has also had an overhaul, with a lot of new photos uploaded. The Happy People page continues to grow as more and more delighted customers get in touch. But now we need your help to carry on the site's expansion! We have opened the Miso Funky Forum, for you to get talking amongst yourselves! Log on here and see what all the chattering's about!anything new ??? We have just taken delivery of a brand new batch of handmade jewels from Thailand! There are some very unusual beaded items in the box of Eastern Delights, and we are sure you will be very excited to see them! (Remember that all of our suppliers in the Far East are paid a fair price for their wares - no sweatshops involved!) They will make their first outing at the Miso Funky Market, and if there are any left afterwards, you will be able to view them on the site! Come along to the Market to avoid disappointment! Disco ties continue to be as popular as ever and we will have a wide selection on offer at the Market! Other new items include button brooches, knitted wraps (the in thing for spring evenings out!) and our vintage belt and head band range!

Also making her debut appearance at Miso Funky Towers is Iona the bunny. Iona has arrived just in time to be the face of spring! She brings with her news of a couple of new ventures that may take your fancy!

miso weddings Yes, we're branching out! Not content with supplying the funkiest wedding stationery at the wedding of the decade recently, we are now extending this service to all! More information will appear soon on the site, in time for wedding season! Who says weddings have to be traditional?! miso kids Why should adults have all the funky fun?! We'll be testing the waters with a few funky baby items soon - come along to the Miso Funky Market for a sneak preview! the final thought of hamish Hamish's final thought this time is, as you may have guessed, all about the Market! Hamish reminds you that his human friends have put a lot of hours in organising this opportunity especially for you! So don't waste it - get along to Hillhead Library on 22nd April and bring your spends! Remember it's free to get in! Hamish isn't cruel though! His random fact this time, passed on from an alpaca in San Diego Zoo is... "When faced with danger, the octopus can wrap six of its legs around its head to disguise itself as a fallen coconut shell and escape by walking backwards on the other two legs." Quite how an alpaca managed to make such an observation remains a mystery, but use this information wisely my friends! Until next time, go forth and funkify your life! miso funky x


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