Miso Funky Market is BACK!

Posted by misofunky on

You can't keep a good monkey down, as the saying goes, so the Miso Funky Market is back, back, back!  To ensure that we all don't miss the festive season and all the good custom that brings, we've taken matters into our own hands and swung back into the saddle to bring you a chance to get your craft on and make some crimble pennies! In the manner of all good sitcoms, Hamish & co are pleased to announce the return of the market for a Christmas* special on Saturday 15th December.  This will be taking place back at the old ranch aka Hillhead Library, right in the heart of the west end. Places are limited and times are to be confirmed but you can book your place NOW by emailing misofunky@gmail.com.  Toodlepip! Hamish xx * - yes, you really DO need to start thinking about crimbo, sorry!


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