Miso Funky - NOT Dead!

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Hey! You'd be forgiven for thinking that Hamish had run off and joined the circus, or at the very least moved to Blair Drummond Safari Park to eat the windscreen wipers off passing vehicles.  But he's very much alive and kicking from the comfort of Jo's wardrobe! We've been super-busy of late and not had a moment to devote to updating the site or even let you know what is happening at Funky Towers, so here's a brief update: One half of the human team of MF, Claire,  has moved to Bangkok, albeit temporarily, so you can imagine that has put a slight logistical problem into the mix.  Jo has been running around like a chicken facing the guillotine to keep up, so we've been a bit quiet - sorry Hamish lovers! But now, we are BACK BACK BACK and ready to attack!  Well, we say attack, but what we reeeeally mean is shower you with new things aplenty.  We've scaled back on some lines in the shop including kids stuff and jewellery in order to allow us time to focus on the things that you love best (which happily is the stuff that WE like to make best too - thanks!). So, here is your first new offering for the summer - unveiling Mr Roboto! He's a hand stitched little robot dude saying thank you for sticking with us!  (Actually, he's saying thank you for whatever you like).  He's fresh off the needle as they say, so snap one up ASAP before stocks run out! We'll be coming back regularly with news of new items, some places you can come and see us and general Miso Funky chit chat so stay tuned, especially for news of our exciting summer competition!


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