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You would be forgiven for thinking that Miso Funky is just one giant fun-filled factory, set in an enchanted kawaii forest somewhere where small elves sit happily on toadstools stitching away all day.  Well, it IS like that in Iona's head, but in real life, it's a little different!
Now that September is here, we are really gearing up for Christmas which is our busiest time of year.  This weekend sees the first markets of the season which means that we are working flat out to produce stocks of old favourites and new items alike. 
If you're in the Glasgow area, pop along to Dennistoun this Saturday for the Dennistoun Community Trust market which is taking place in downtown Dennistoun.  Click here for more info. 
On Sunday, Miso Funky (and Mr Miso Funky!) are travelling down to Newcastle for our first visit of the year to the toon.  We'll be at the Star and Shadow market from 11am to 4pm and we'd love to see you if you are local!  Come along and quote "the toon" for a 10% discount on the day!
There's lots of other opportunities coming up to see us in the flesh, so keep tuned in to the events page for updates.  We aim to bring you more news of the preparation side in the coming weeks as well as more behind the scenes features and news of our crafty cohorts, so if there is anything you'd like to know about or have a burning question for Hamish and co, then email us at


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