Newcastle Rocks

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This past weekend, we had a jaunt to Newcastle, just me, Hamish and Mr Miso Funky (Chikako had to stay at home and babysit Iona).  It was a great day out with corned beef sandwiches, lots of lovely customers and no navigational hitches to speak of. 
As well as meeting a lady who was so tickled by our emo-broidery coasters that she had to be helped to a chair and a man who looked just like Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall who chuckled for about 10 minutes at our samplers, we sold out of Sniff Glue Worship Satans and discovered some great local designers.
Some of our profits were spent on a delightful tweed purse from The Black Button, who also make man pouches, bags and lovely cards.  I've been coveting the purses for a long time and finally splurged on one yesterday.  I also bought a print by Brian Tighe from  Accordion Apparel - you can see it here.  It's going in the craft room to inspire me.
There were many other great finds at the Star & Shadow market which was organised by the very friendly Lucy, who also operates under the guise of Doris Illustrated - check the site out, it is beautifully done, as are her bags, pouches and purses.  I had to try very hard to resist the glasses pouches with 3-D specs on the front.
Can't wait for the next one - which will of course be mentioned here in advance to allow you to come down if you're in the area - hurrah!


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