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Look, we've only gone and updated the blog! It looks very nice and shiny now. If you are reading in a rss feed, click over to the proper site to see it in all its glory. It's been so busy at Miso Towers over the past few weeks! I had rather thought it might quieten down a bit, but if anything, it's got much busier. Last week, I posted off the pieces for display at the UK Craft Mafia exhibition at Manchester Craft and Design Centre. The exhibition opens 2 weeks today and is on for quite a while, so there's plenty time to see it. Click here for more info on that. Also, we're really excited to be doing loads of work for wholesale and cosignment with some great new outlets.  Once it's all installed at their new homes, I'll post up the news of new places you can find Miso Funky wares.  Also, it's my birthday next week, so hopefully I will find time to take a sneaky day off and maybe have some non-sewing related fun!


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