Crafty Giveaway #1 Winners!

Posted by misofunky on

Crikles! I thought there hadn't been much uptake on the prizes, but somehow managed to miss all 55 comments . So, thanks everyone who entered, Twittered, blogged, Facebooked, Bebo-ed, semaphored and sent out smoke signals about it. So, the lucky winners! These were all picked at random by Hamish who pulled the numbers out of Iona's wooly hat.


The big batch of ribbon has been won by Janine. Well done and happy ribboning!


The jewellery findings are going to Kim Allen. Make sure you come back and tell us what you make with these.


And these books are off to Rosa - enjoy reading or recycling them!

Don't worry if you didn't win - the next batch of prizes will be announced in a short while. Keep your radar tuned to Miso Funky for another chance to win coming right up!

**winners! email your address to to claim your prize!**


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