Crafty Giveaway #2

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See, I told you it would be quick. I'm back with more prizes and this time there is a paper theme.

Prize # 1

sdc11004 First up, here's 2 large sheets of Japanese paper - one with maneki neko or lucky cats and the other with koi on. Also included are 4 mini photo frames for you to decoupage.  Just the thing to get started in paper crafts!

Prize #2

sdc11005 Next - a set of 12 paper lanterns which are brand spanking new and in a plastic box. They're so lovely but I have nowhere to use them. Very Japanese style and just perfect for decorating your craft room, bedroom or even your craft stall.

Prize #3

sdc11007 This is a bundle of old French newspapers, some from the 1920s and some from the '50s. They're all still in good condition and would be lovely framed, used for decoupage or scrapbooking.

Prize #4

sdc11010 And there's also these - French cigarette cards (I think!) with tres jolie images! There's an extra couple too, again, great for framing, scrapbooking, decoupage or card-making.

Prize #5

sdc11011 And these vintage knitting patterns are not just useful for making things - they're a work of art in their own right - some of the images are hilarious! Frame them, scrap with them or knit some groovy tank tops.

Prize #6

sdc11014 And lastly, something not paper related at all! If you're a jewellery kind of person, and particularly if you sell jewellery, you will find this useful. It may look like a perspex baton with a hole in the end but... Well, that's exactly what it is, but it's a hygienic way of "trying" on earrings - simply slip the earring on to the wand through the hole and hold it to your ear to see how they'll look - a must for any jewellery stall holder! Phew! That's quite a haul! Here's the rules: Leave a comment on the blog with the number of your preferred prize. I don't mind if you pick 1, 2 or even all 6 numbers - go on, be greedy! You can get extra entries if you Twitter, blog, link back, Facebook, Bebo or write a message across the sky in smoke behind a bi-plane about this giveaway - just leave a note in your comment. The giveaway is open to any reader of the blog, that includes international readers. So - get to it! Spread the word! The closing date for entries is Saturday 25th July 12 midnight GMT. There's still more crafty prizes to come after this! So stay tuned!


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