Giveaway Loserz!

Posted by misofunky on

Oh, you lucky winners! How close you came to getting some great crafty prizes! But you've left it too late as I have a pile of prizes still to be claimed and I need them out of Hamish's enclosure pronto! So, we have some prizes back on offer - original winners are welcome to reapply! 1 #1 - A batch of ribbon in various colours, lengths and guises including black, white, red, lilac, tartan and some lilac paper ribbon. 2 #2 - This is a bundle of old French newspapers, some from the 1920s and some from the ’50s. They’re all still in good condition and would be lovely framed, used for decoupage or scrapbooking. 3 #3 - These vintage knitting patterns are not just useful for making things - they’re a work of art in their own right - some of the images are hilarious! Frame them, scrap with them or knit some groovy tank tops. 4 #4 - Red and white fabric 5 #5 - Cheong-sam fabric. The latest giveaway has only yielded 2 winners claiming their prizes so far, so hurry, latest winners! This time, I'm leaving it open for a week: You have until Monday 24th August at 12pm midnight GMT to stake your claim. Just leave a comment with what you'd like to win - one prize or all! Extra entries for Twittering, Facebooking, blogging, etc. Extra extra entries for signing up to the Miso Funky mailing list. International entrants welcome! GO!


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