Miso Funky On Channel 4!

Posted by misofunky on

channel4 OK, not quite, but the Channel 4 website is exciting enough for us! We'v been so busy here at Miso Funky Towers that we've not had much time to stop and sit down long enough to fire up the blog, sorry! We're even looking to hire an extra pair of hooves! Have been flat out working hard to get orders made and out to you. Lead time is still currently 3 weeks for samplers but we're working as fast as humanly possible to get them out sooner, promise! A special hello to our army of new fans from Australia! Our In Case Of Emergency Breakdance sampler was featured in Cleo Magazine recently, so we've been getting lots of visits from lovely Aussies with great taste in homewares! Bonzer! (Sorry, but I do say that quite a lot in real life!) On with the sewing! It's a Make Tea Not War day today, all headed for beautiful Belfast.


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