Made In Scotland

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Irn Bru Yes, another new thing in the shop! We are really spoiling you!
Click here to visit it in the shop!Made in Scotland, from girrrderrrs! Remember that advert? Those were the days. If you’re not from Scotland, you probably have no idea what we’re on about, but rest assured, Irn Bru is practically Scotland’s national drink! Click here for more info on Irn Bru! Now, about this here portrait! This has been hand-stitched from an original design collaborated upon with Mr X Stitch and is extremely labour intensive! As such, these are made to order – please order as normal, but allow 21 days for delivery. Each portrait is framed in black and comes complete with a stand or hooks for hanging and measures approximately 8″ × 10″. Stay tuned for more sweet treats in this range! Irn Bru are renowned for their really clever and funny adverts - this is one of my particular favourites! Check out some more of them here.


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