Christmas Giveaway Winners

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jeezy We're so in with the in crowd at Miso Funky, that we had Jesus himself pick the winners of the giveaway! OK, not quite! My brother gave me this little Momiji Jesus for Christmas though to add to my collection - the little steamed buns look delighted to have him join them! So, to the winners! The tote bag was won by Reva Skie, who wanted a house by the beach for Christmas. I hope you were more successful with your wish than I was with mine - no pony or puppy here! The calendar was won by K Maguire who wanted an otter. I think I'd like an otter too, come to think of it. Roll on my birthday in March! Winners, please email hello at misofunky dot com to claim your prize. It's always fun for me doing giveaways and competitions, so stay tuned for more in the new year! It's always nice to read comments from readers too - my new year's resolution is to comment more, as I know lots of bloggers really appreciate comments, as I do. Right, it's off to my mother in law's for dinner now - should be interesting, as a crown fell out of my tooth earlier, so I am strictly one-sided til tomorrow at least - booo! PS - that break from the blog didn't last long! :)


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