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Well, that was interesting! I've had a great time over the last week reading and answering your questions. You can see them all here. There is one lucky winner of the Home Sweet Fucking Home sampler: SDC11529 The winner is Laura, who asked:

Hello there, My question to you is... "what is the rudest word you have ever stitched?"

I particularly enjoyed answering this one as it reminded me of the email I got to ask me to stitch the particularly rude phrase - it gave me a good old chuckle. You can see the answer on the Formspring page with a link to a picture - don't click on it if you are easily offended (or you are my mum). Laura, check your email! I said I'd also give away 2 coasters, and these are going to Nikki McW, who asked me about chips and where the best ones are in Glasgow and Nicki T who gave me a blast from the past enquiring about my old pal, Furry Norman. That's a story for another day though! Ladies, get in touch at hello at misofunky dot com and we'll get your coaster sorted out. Thanks everyone who asked a question! You can ask questions any time you like of course, just for the hell of it here. Lots of stuff happening behind the scenes here just now, so stay tuned for news soon!


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