Reversible Samplers - At Last!

Posted by misofunky on

HSH-long A lot of people love our racier samplers, such as Home Sweet F&%king Home but don't necessarily want to have it in their home because their loved ones might not appreciate it as much as they do. So, I've been working on a way for a while now of satisfying those with a desire for these whilst also keeping the more conservative tastes happy too. Behold - the reversible sampler! With the nice, Home Sweet Home on one side and the naughty, Home Sweet F&%king Home on the other, you can flip it round whenever necessary!

Having your mum round for tea? Simply turn it round and show your sweet side.

And if your prudish guests are outstaying their welcome, turn it back and give them a glimpse of your naughty stitches!

Each sampler is framed in a contemporary white free-standing frame and has Home Sweet Home on one side and Home Sweet F&%king Home on the other. The finished article measures approx 8" tall x 5" wide.

And they're now available in the shop. Hurrah!


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