Khayelitsha Stitching Project

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I got an email recently regarding a really good cause which I'd like to highlight to Miso Funkateers. Avid cross-stitcher Michelle Gladwish got in touch to let me know about a project in the slums of Cape Town, South Africa, which teaches women and children to sew to enable them to learn skills to support themselves. The stitchers are from the Khayelitsha area of Cape Town, the largest and poorest area of the township. Many of the people being helped by the projects are frightened, destitute women, often escaping from domestic abuse and other violence. By learning new skills in sewing, embroidery and weaving, they can make things which they can sell to support themselves, their families and try to make a better life for themselves. This really touched my heart and I wanted to do something, however small, to help in some way. I hope you'll agree that's a worthy cause, particularly with all the money which will be flooding into South Africa with the World Cup - I'm pretty sure few of the football fans will be visiting the slums to help sewing projects! So, if you'd like to help, you can do so in two ways: 1 - Buy something! For the month of June, 10% of every sale will be donated to the Sewing Project. The project does not accept financial contributions, so I'll be turning the money collected into sewing and embroidery materials to send to Cape Town. 2 - Donate some materials! The project is always looking for sewing materials. If you have a spare skein of thread, some beads, some charms, some material, then donate it!  Even if it's just a little thing, it will be much appreciated by the school's founder, Beauty, and her stitchers.  If you can donate anything, please email Michelle at Thanks everyone for reading and hope you'll support us in supporting the people of crafters of Khayelitsha!


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