Aaannnd...we're back!

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Phew, what a scorcher! London was so hot and I'm almost glad to be back in rainy, windy, cold Glasgow, where summer seems to be over already. Myself and former Miso Funkateer and best friend Jo went down to London for the Bust Craftacular last weekend and what a weekend it was! We crammed a lot in besides the big event, including: a trip to see Sister Act at the London Palladium! It was awesome and we got half -price second row seats. What better way to prepare for a craftacular? On Saturday, we were up bright and early to be driven by our Hilton driver (la-di-da! We got a very cheap deal!) from Canary Wharf to Bethnal Green where a queue right around the block waited to get in: We got set up on our mini half-stall next to lovely Kali from Lush and Lovely. It was already starting to get warm in there - it was such a hot day outside and even hotter inside! Here's our stall, ready to go. Two thumbs up from Jo! I had time for a quick photo of the calm before the storm... ..and then the doors opened and it was so busy that the next thing I knew it was past 3pm and we'd almost run out of postcards, which were doubling up as very handy fans in the sweltering heat. A wee close up of the Miso Funky stall - all carried down to London in the biggest suitcase known to man. It's never a good day out without cake or pie, and luckily, at the indie food court, we could have both! I am sure our stall neighbours thought we did nothing but eat all day! But it really was too hot for cake - I had a mouthful of this brownie then brought the rest home for Lee. We also had the most awesome pork pie from Lardy Da. We met so many awesome people, including our stall neighbour Phil from Urban Cross Stitch, who we are really looking forwards to working with in the future! We also hooked up with Jamie from Mr X Stitch and met some good online friends, including Lee May from Bonbi Forest and Anna from Custom Made, to name but a few! After a very long day's sweating craftacularising, we were sad to miss out on the 1983 disco Phil invited us to, but we just had enough energy to drop off the giant suitcase and have a curry on Brick Lane before retiring to our air conditioned room to go over our purchases (another post soon about those!). Sunday, before we had to come back on the tilty train, we managed to squeeze in a whistlestop tour of the Cabinet War Rooms after a walk down the sunny Embankment and then the obligatory self-portrait... ..before hopping on that train and getting back to Glasgow. Whilst I was down in the big smoke, meeting all those awesome people and bringing cross stitched goodness to the people of our capital, Lee was at home, having a wife-less birthday! Lee aka Mr Miso Funky worked very hard in the run up to the Craftacular to make sure that no-one would go away tea towel-less and make sure I ate and had clean clothes - so join me in a big belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him! I've returned to a giant to-do list with a lot of shops seemingly running out of stuff all at once, so the pace has not dropped - it's relentless! I'm pleased about that of course! Also another couple of exciting things coming up in the next few months, so looking forwards to sharing those with you when the time comes. For now, though, I think I need to get round to unpacking that suitcase before Lee or I break our necks tripping over it in the hall!


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