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I'm getting pretty excited about the new website and the new look and feel for Miso Funky. It's taking shape with the help of two very important people. Firstly, design genius Marceline of Asking For Trouble, is not only a close friend, but has an uncanny ability to be able to read my mind and know exactly what I am picturing which is, I'd say, an essential skill in a web designer! I'm working very closely with her to make my vision come to life and it's way beyond my expectations already! The second person is Aleksandra, from AKL Photo who is, simply, an extremely talented photographer.  She too has a gift for just knowing what it is I am trying to achieve and how I am envisaging things to be.  With the briefest of briefs, she is producing some awesome photographs. Here's a sneaky wee peek at just one very simple shot - a million miles away from my ridiculous current efforts! Ooh, that's not giving much away, is it?! But rest assured, it's gonna be good! I hope to have more of an idea of when it'll be ready to go soon - still lots to do! In the meantime, if you have either design or photography needs, I can heartily recommend both Marceline and Aleksandra - tell 'em I sent you!


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