Snowflake Ornament Tutorial

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Christmas is now less than 5 weeks away, people! Scary thought, isn't it? Don't worry, I have it all sewn up for you, literally. Yes, even you there at the back, Sausage Fingers, can stitch up your own snowflake Christmas ornament. It's very easy. Here's what you need: 3" plastic canvas square Embroidery thread or tapestry wool Needle Scissors An evening on the sofa in front of the TV Here's the pattern to follow:   Take your plastic canvas square (I bought a pack of 10 for 99p from Ebay) and carefully count the squares to find the centre of the canvas. Handily, on my chart above, there is a stitch in the dead centre. This is a helpful place to start. I stitched the actual snowflake crosses in one colour and then went round and filled the background in with white. You could reverse that, jazz it up with different colours, glittery threads - the world's your lobster. I used 6 strands of embroidery thread as that's what I had to hand - you could use tapestry wool for a chunkier, cosier feel. Keep your stitches all going the same way for neatness. When you're finished stitching up, make sure the back is tidy and thread a loop of ribbon or twine into the centre of the top hole so you can hang it proudly on your tree. If your back is untidy, you could make two and glue them together! Or just cover the back with some nice fabric or felt. There we have it - a quick but stylish Crimble decoration! Get stitching - it won't take you long. Please feel free to use this chart for your own personal use or to make gifts for friends. But please don't reproduce this chart without permission or make these to sell - that just isn't cricket.    


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