Giveaway Winners

Posted by misofunky on

So, thank you for all your entries to the giveaway for January! Some really good tips in there! The winning entry, drawn at random is Jenny who said: "My house is a tip with two small people running around making it dirtier every day. My top tip is to do a little every day when they’re in bed. I can’t wait until they’re older when they can help out!" Doing a little each day is my new way ahead! Though it is hard keeping floors clean with a big muddy-pawed dog in the house! Congratulations, Jenny! Please get in touch at to claim your prize! Our Blog & Buy Sale stall is still running over here - please, if you have a moment, to click the link and "like" and/or Tweet us, it'd be much appreciated! We are in the lead at the time of writing, help us stay there!  


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