Designer Q&A - Return To Me

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Next up in our min-terview series (yes, I am claiming that word as my invention) is Michele from Return To Me, who makes our great stitchable tote bags. Name: Michele Outland. Location: New York City. I make: Products for user generated self-expression - this is the Return to Me! My favourite craft tool is: An Exacto blade (scalpel) and Sharpie pens. I'm also a graphic designer/art director in addition to my product line and would be lost without my blades and pens for all of these applications. At any given time you can find one or both of these items in any of my bags and purses. They're almost a part of my arm. My favourite achievement is: To date, launching the Return to Me brand, as an extension of my MA degree from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London, and then having the wrist cuffs and necklace subsequently stocked at the MoMA Design Store was pretty awesome and very gratifying. I couldn't live without: Family, friends, and my dog are a given but also pretty high up on the list is a great meal, good music, and getting out into nature. You might be surprised to know: I'm half Korean, part German and part Native American. A by-product of the good old American melting pot. Thanks, Michele for your answers!


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