Designer Q&A - Cerys Turner

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Next in our series of designer mini-interviews (is min-terview a word? If not, it should be) is Cerys Turner, whose cross stitch cards we recently started stocking. Take it away, Cerys!

Name: Cerys Turner.

Location: Bethnal Green, East London.

I make: I'm influenced by a wide range of cultures, eras and textile techniques and take an experimental approach and hope something interesting arrives at the end of the process.

My favourite craft tool is: My screen printing squeegee, I actually print with a very non-technical version (a window cleaner's squeegee instead of a proper screen printer's one!). Other designers in my studio seem very surprised when I bring it out, but I started using it in art school and it really works for me!

My favourite achievement is: Selling designs to international brands has been really cool, but I appreciate it even more when people who've completed my craft kits get in touch with their finished versions. I love seeing how they've added their own creativity and made the finished pieces unique to them.

I couldn't live without: Coffee. I admit I'm a bit of a caffeine addict, but I also love coffee culture, sitting in cafes and people watching or over-hearing snippets of random conversations.

You may be surprised to know: I've visited japan and love Japanese culture and the Kawaii characters they invent over there, my all-time favourite is Afro Ken, a dog with an afro that is multicoloured and always changing to different hairstyles.

Ah, Afro Ken - he's one of my favourite old-skool kawaii characters too. Look, here he is.

Thanks, Cerys!





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