Designer Q&A - Slipcover Your Life

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Next up in our series of meet the designer interviews is Erin Stanton of Slipcover Your Life whose cross stitch kits are very popular at Miso Funky.
Name: Erin Stanton

Location: New York, NY

I make: Contemporary cross stitch kits.

My favourite craft tool is:  My hands!  While I am a cross stitcher by heart, I still love to draw (black and white pencil drawings), crochet (somehow my left-handed grandmother and mother were able to teach this righty cross stitching AND crochet), design wedding invitations (just designed the wedding invitations for two of my best friends), etc.  I'm hoping to test out mixed medium soon (screen printing and cross stitching anyone?)

My favourite achievement is:  Selling my first non-friend cross stitch kit.  When I first sat down a few years back thinking that I might be able to design my own patterns and sell them, I had no idea if there was a population of people out there that loved cross stitch as much as me.  That order came through and I remember thinking, Wait, I do not know this person, they actually found my shop and purchased a kit!

I couldn't live without: Bad TV!  I design and stitch my best patterns with horrible TV on in the background!  It also doesn't hurt to have a miniature dachshund curled up next to you keeping you warm.

You might be surprised to know: I hate pizza and peanut butter and love lima beans and brussel sprouts.

Thanks, Erin! Who's next? Stay tuned to find out.


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