Washi Tape + Cross Stitch

Posted by misofunky on

What has washi tape got to do with cross stitch, I hear you ask? Well, recently, I decided to make up a little bunny design for my good friend Marceline of Asking For Trouble's birthday. The pattern came from L'Heure Du The.

Whilst the bunny is squee-worthily cute, I felt I needed to add something, so I got my trusty washi tape out and wrapped the wooden embroidery hoop in it to create a contrasting colour frame for my stitching.

I wrapped carefully, but in just a few minutes, I had a whole new look. Et voila, a really pretty frame for my bunny. Easy!

 In fact, so easy, there's really no need for a tutorial - take your hoop, wrap the tape round it, job's a good 'un. I think I'll be tempted to do this again in the future - simple but effective!


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