The Cross Over FAQs

Have a question about how The Cross Over works? Hopefully, the answer is here, but if not, just email me at

Who can apply?

Anyone is eligible to apply - there are no restrictions on geographical location. The only other criteria that must be met is that you be over 18 years of age.

Please check here to see if applications are currently open.

What design style are you looking for?

I'm not looking for any one style in particular - in fact, one of the things I'm looking forwards to most about The Cross Over is discovering new designers' work I don't already know. Anything goes!

What happens to my intellectual property?

Your designs are your designs. You retain the copyright and full control of your designs at all times. Me muscling in on your intellectual property is not at all what this is about. It genuinely is just offering a helping hand. It's human nature to look for a catch - but there really isn't one!

I only release patterns, not kits - is that OK?

Absolutely! When The Cross Over started, I envisaged it being about kits but actually it's evolved as I can help more people by sponsoring them with aida to stitch up their samples for patterns on, too.

So whether you're looking to apply to release a kit with multiple metres of aida or whether you'd like to talk about a few different smaller pieces of aida to show off your patterns - let's talk!

I only sell finished pieces - is that OK?

See above! Anything goes!

Can I see previous Cross Over projects anywhere?

Yes - right here is the Cross Over Hall Of Fame where you can see all the past projects people have worked on with sponsored aida.

When will I hear back from you?

I'll be reading through applications as they come in and will try to reply to every application. It may take a while - as well as running an aida empire, I also work full time - so please be patient!

Please do not be disheartened or offended if you are not selected this time! I hope to open applications every few months, so you are welcome to apply as many times as you like.

What if my design is not chosen this time?

I won't share your application details with anyone. If your application is unsuccessful, I won't share or use your ideas because that would be a total dick move on my part.

Any discussions we enter into will be confidential - you'll be expected to agree to that, if your design is chosen. You are also free to apply again next time with the same or a different design.

Will I receive feedback if my application is unsuccessful?

With the best will in the world, probably not unless you specifically ask for it. This is because I am extremely busy and not because I don't care!

How do I know when applications are open?

Sign up to my newsletter so you don't miss applications opening! I'll be launching the next round of applications soon, so make sure you don't miss out by signing up to the newsletter here. CBXS newsletter subscribers will also receive exclusive access to the designs first, so you'll be in the know right away.

How do I apply?

Application information can be found here. Please do not send an application unless the application window is open as I can't guarantee it will be considered.

Why are you giving away free aida?!

Because being kind and generous is who I am. It's extremely important to me, personally, to not just say I'm all about community over competition, but to demonstrate that by taking the opportunity to help lift others where the chance arises. There's no catch or gimmick - being aggressively generous is my personal brand! I'm a pathological gift giver and I simply will not apologise for it!