What's Going On?

R.I.P. Miso Funky. Vive The Bellwether!

All good things must come to an end, as someone once said. And like white dog poo in the 80s and imperial currency in the UK, Miso Funky is being phased out.

But don't worry, we're still here with our unique take on cross stitch. Oh, no, you don't get rid of us that easily! 

Behold, we are here to stay and are now known as...

The Bellwether - The New Name For Miso Funky



noun - one that takes the lead or initiative


That's what we strive to do here - create unique and quirky designs and lead the way in modern cross stitch. With our new name, we have a renewed focus on doing just that and bringing a fresh approach to our work. 

Over the coming months, you'll start to see Miso Funky fade away and eventually, once everyone's gotten used to the idea (and we've used up all our printed materials!), Miso Funky will be simply a fond memory.

You'll notice our new logo popping up all over the place and you'll find all our new contact details here.

We've also spruced up our About Us page with a fun timeline of our journey so far - check it out here.