Frosty Morning Printed 14 Count Cross Stitch Aida

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Innovations in aida are upon us! This digitally printed aida has the pattern and colour on one side and is white on the other. It's truly unique and great to try if you'd like to create something a little different without investing in a large piece of expensive fabric.

This piece of Frosty Morning 14 count aida is digitally printed to create a really cute patterned aida that's perfect for adding a pop of colour and interest to your designs. The turquoisey-blue background is complemented by a smattering of snow, frost and stars, giving a wintry feel to this cute aida. It's the perfect backdrop for holiday stitching to give a festive feel without being too CHRISTMAS in your face!

Measures approximately 10" x 10" (25cm x 25cm) or 10" x 15" (25cm x 37.5cm). Need another size? Just let me know - we can work it out!

Aida is cut generously and provided folded. I iron the aida before cutting but any creases picked up in transit can be easily removed with a quick iron upon receipt. Please note the manufacturer advises that no detergent is used on this fabric, so washing is NOT advised.

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