Mystery Pack Of Printed 18 Count Cross Stitch Aida

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Can't decide which dreamy fabric to choose? This triple pack will let you have a little slice of three heavenly aidas to boost your stash and inspire your next project but I'll choose them for you - it's a mystery surprise lucky bag pack!

This digitally printed aida has the pattern and colour on one side and is white on the other. It's truly unique and great to try if you'd like to create something a little different without investing in a large piece of expensive fabric.

Choose from 3 or 5 whole pieces of 18 count digitally printed aida of my choosing. Each piece measures approximately 10" x 10" (25cm x 25cm) or 10" x 15" (25cm x 37.5cm).

These Mystery Packs are also available in 14ct and 16ct.

The small print

Aida is cut generously and provided folded. Sizes are approximate. Any creases picked up in transit can be easily removed with a quick iron upon receipt. Please note the manufacturer advises that no detergent is used on this fabric, so washing is NOT advised. For suggested fabric care information, click here.

Capturing the true colour of the aida I sell is basically the bane of my existence. Trying to photograph anything in Scotland is a weather-based crapshoot at best and everyone's computer screen or phone resolutions are also different, so some small variances are to be expected!

To keep this to a minimum, I take images in as close to natural light as possible, with minimal editing to try to reflect the true colour, shade and vibrancy of the fabric as possible. If you feel something has been massively and intentionally misrepresented, please just get in touch - I'm only human after all. 
My business genuinely exists only to make your cross stitch dreams come true, so I appreciate you letting me know, so we can work on a solution together, if you have any queries.

If you're in any doubt about shade, tone, depth of colour, please just ask for more photos or details. I am also happy to lend my opinion on what fabric might work best for your project - just ask! As an avid cross stitcher myself, I am more than happy to help you make your projects the best they can be.