Pilot Frixion Erasable Ink Pen For Cross Stitch Gridding

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Looking for a pen that's good for both fabric and paper? Look no further than the Pilot Frixion Erasable pen!

The thermal ink is erasable on paper by using the rubber attached to the pen, and on cotton fabrics by smoothing a warm iron over the ink - it sounds like magic and frankly, it works like magic too!

Choose from green, violet or pink for an ink colour that will stand out on any light coloured fabrics.

The green pen has a 0.7mm point, with the violet and pink pens having a 0.5mm point.

These innovative erasable pens are the perfect width for transferring embroidery patterns to canvas, or creating your own cross stitch designs directly on to aida. It's also a brilliant alternative to gridded aida - simply draw your own grid and then iron it right off when you're done!