Seconds Sale - Slightly Imperfect Solid Colour & Printed Aida

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Please note these pieces are non-refundable - if you have any questions, please ask before purchasing!

Looking to bulk up on your solid aida colours, so you're always prepared for a new project and don't mind a few little dings in the fabric?

Made up from slight seconds, these pieces have a tiny little bit of pigmentation missing - see the images for examples of the sort of small imperfections we're talking about here. 

They're often in what would become the borders of the fabric, or in an area you'll be stitching over anyway, but as they're not quite perfect, they're being offered at approximately 33 - 50% off!

Please note the image beside each option in the drop-down shows the colour of the fabric but does not depict the faults

Each piece of aida measures 10" x 10" approximately and is 14ct unless otherwise specified. Any creases picked up in transit can be easily removed with a quick iron upon receipt. 

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